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Tō tātau marae

Ko te amorangi ki mua, te hāpai ō ki muri

A centre for Māori identity

Hau Ariki Marae is a centre of Māori identity and matauranga in Martinborough.  The marae is where Māori cultural identity, language, values and social etiquette are given their fullest expression at tangi and hui.  Hau Ariki marae fosters identity, self-respect, pride and social control.  It is a place for whānau to reinvigorate their cultural links to the land and people.

A centre for Martinborough

Hau Ariki Marae is unique.  It is a place where Pakeha can meet Māori on Māori terms and come to a better understanding of what it means to be part of a bi-cultural society. It is a centre for all community in Martinborough. 

Building success

'Ko te Amorangi ki mua, te Hāpai ō ki muri' speaks to the sustainability and resilience of Hau Ariki Marae. 

Hau Ariki Marae was born from the desire of kaumātua and kuia, many of whom have passed on, to establish a marae complex.  Hau Ariki Marae remains relevant today based on this vision.  It is dependent on the guidance provided by those who lead 'te Amorangi' and the support provided by those who follow 'te Hāpai ō'. Support by assistance or resources, advice and knowledge are vital to its success.

Community and governance

All New Zealanders are the beneficiaries of Hau Ariki Marae.  The governance and operation of Hau Ariki are the responsibility of the Marae Trustees and a Marae Committee.  The Marae Charter sets out the functions, responsibilities and relationships required to effectively and efficiently govern and administer Hau Ariki.

Marae Committee Meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday monthly (except January), 6.30 pm at Hau Ariki.  All are welcome to attend.

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