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Ko te amorangi ki mua

Ko te hāpai ō ki muri

A charter for the marae was endorsed in February 2020 by the Marae Committee following community consultation.


The marae committee is working towards improving the transparency and accountability of marae governance.


The charter provides the guidelines for Hau Ariki Marae to work on improving it's governance.

Enquiries, suggestions and feedback are welcome.  Please contact us.

PictureTrustees (2).png

The Trustees of Hau Ariki Marae have legal responsibility for administering Hau Ariki Marae.

The Trustees work with the Marae Committee in operating Hau Ariki Marae.

PictureMarae Committee (2).png

Meets each month from February to December. every 2nd Wednesday.


Hau Ariki Marae @ 6.30pm.

All are welcome to attend.


The functions, responsibilities and relationships required to effectively and efficiently govern and administer Hau Ariki Marae are set in the Charter.

Click the PDF link to view the Charter. 

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