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Connect, Learn, Grow

Hau Ariki Marae is a meeting space for all people to connect, learn, and grow in the Māori culture of New Zealand.

Hau Ariki means Wind God. Hau Ariki was chosen as the name for this marae to signify it is open to all people.

Welcome. Nau mai. Haere mai.


Hau Ariki marae is a multi-purpose venue for wānanga, conferences or hui, social events, school projects, business team building, and tangihanga. At a glance here is what Hau Ariki marae can provide. Check notices!

Whare nui

Te Whare Wānanga o Tūpai is the meeting house or Whare nui.

This Whare nui is the heart of Hau Ariki marae.  It is used for hui and meetings.  It has access to shared ablution facilities. 

Building capacity: 160 people

Sleeping capacity: 90 people

Visitors to the marae are formally welcomed either in the Whare nui or the marae area directly in front.

The Whare nui highlights its connections to hapū and iwi of the Wairarapa, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and East Coast through its whakairo (carvings), kōwhaiwhai (painted panels) and tukutuku (latticed panels).


Whare puni

Te Kupenga a Te Huki is the Whare puni in the annex connected to the Whare nui.


It contains dormitory accommodation, shared bathroom facilities (which are also the main ablution facilities for the marae), a small kitchenette, and social space for the dormitory accommodation.

The Kaitaurima and whānau also resides in this complex.

Sleeping capacity: 16 people 

Kaitaurima areas and shared Whare Paku.J

Whare kai

Ngā Waka a Kupe is the dining hall and kitchen or Whare kai.

Ngā Waka contains the dining hall and main marae kitchen. It has the facilities to complement its use as the social heart of Hau Ariki marae.

Building capacity: 188 people

Dining capacity: 160 people

Whare kai.JPG
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